Friday, November 16, 2012

Jesse's Girl Eye Dust Review and Swatches and Sale Information!!

Lately I have seen a lot of sales on Jesse's girl products at Riteaid. I have always had my eye on their eye dusts but for some reason never bought any. Now that the sales have been running I decided to pick up and try the ones that I have been eyeing. This week Riteaid is running a sale. Spend $10 on Jesse's Girl products and receive $5 in Riteaid Rewards. So say you buy 2 Jesse's Girl Eye Dusts than you technically get one free.
Above are swatches on all the colors that I purchased. Some I was really impressed with and others not so much.
The first two I bought are Antique Green on the left and Majestic Green on the right. Antique Green is a nice blackened green with a slight silver sparkle. Majestic Green is more of an olive green. Antique Green I love. It is the perfect color for a great fall smokey eye. I have already used it twice and I love it. However, Majestic Green though beautiful in the pot is not as pigmented as I expected. When applying it you are going to need to apply it wet to really make the color stand out.

*TIP: With any mineral or powder eyeshadow you should always apply them wet. This makes the color even brighter and will make them last longer and produce less fall out. You can wet your brush using MAC Fix plus, E.l.f Lock And Seal, or if you have neither regular eye drops work just fine. Make sure however, that you wash your brush out afterwards because moisture can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

The next two colors are by far the coolest pigments that Jesse's Girl offers (in my opinion). I tried to take pictures of the pots but they just come off white. Though they do look white in the pot they are actually amazing duo chromes. The one on the left is Secret Weapon which is a white with a baby blue duo chrome. The one on the right is Kiwi Rose which is a white with a golden/green duo chrome. Both look amazing when worn.
These two shades are Sunlit Cactus on the left and Penny Arcade on the right. Penny Arcade as you can tell by the swatch is more of a copper glitter than a pigment. It produces a lot of fallout so I would use an eyeshadow shield or powder underneath your eye area. Sunlit Cactus is a gold/green duo chrome pigment.
This pigment is called Mardi Gras. This is one that I was not very impressed with. In the pot it looked like a bright turquoise. It is more of a medium blue and is not very pigmented. I think their are way better blue pigments available and wouldn't waste my money on this.

I am hoping to pick up more of these. There are so many more beautiful shades that they offer. I would check out Jesse's Girl products if you haven't had a chance or are unfamiliar with them.

Thanks again for taking the time to read my post.... <3


  1. Helped me pick out a shade for myself. Good review.