Thursday, November 8, 2012

BH Party Girl Palette Review and Swatches!!

So along with the new BH Cosmetics Day and Night palette that I purchased I also got The Party Girl palette which I have pining over for quite a while. I have seen a lot of people on YouTube use this and it looked like so much fun. All of them had such great things to say about it so I figured it would be worth a try to get it myself. Well, I am glad I did.
As you can see the packaging is identical from the Day and Night palette. The only difference is that this palette comes with 40 eyeshadows instead of 60. However, the pans in this palette are bigger. About the size of a nickel unlike the other palette which are about the size of a dime. As you can see from the picture above you get a lot of variety with this palette. You have you natural greens and browns but you also have some fun bright colors thrown in there as well.

Here is just a more close up look of the palette.

Above are some swatches that were done on bare skin without primer. Most of these eyeshadows are really nice. The majority are very pigmented and apply smoothly. There are a few like #3 that are not so great. I found that most of the really light shades and a few of the matte shades were hard to work with. I would say about 7 out of the 40 fell short for me. That isn't too bad especially when the shades that did work, worked so well. I absolutely love the yellow in this palette. I also really like all of the green shades. I think for the price ($15 or so) it is worth it. You can do so many looks with this palette. I have already used it numerous times in the few weeks I have owned it. You can purchase this from

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