Monday, November 5, 2012

BH Cosmetics Day And Night Palette!

It seems to me that I have had a little bit of a palette addiction lately. Along with the numerous NYX palettes that I have gotten lately I also finally purchased some palettes from BH Cosmetics. I have been hearing about them on YouTube for a long time now and never really got around to getting any so I was pretty excited to receive them. One of the palettes I bought was literally only a day old when I placed my order but it looked amazing. That would be the Day and Night palette. I got it for $10 but it was a promotional sale. I think it is around $15 normally. Let's take a look...

The palette itself looks a lot like my Coastal Scents palettes. It is a sleek black plastic with a decent sized mirror. The palette itself is not the most sturdy so I would not suggest bringing this palette anywhere where it will be tossed around or possibly smashed (luggage and what not). As you can see the palette gets it's name due to the fact that it is split in half where one side(left side) is for day and the other (right side) is for night. The left side has your more neutral, sudle, and soft colors whereas the night side has much darker, sultry, and bright shades.

This is an up close look at the Day side of the palette. Also there are some swatches which were done on bare skin without primer. As you can see these shades are all pretty soft shades. They are very light and almost pastel like. Most of the shades are matte. I will say that this side is not my favorite. I felt like a lot of the colors applied chalky and lacked pigmentation. Now I know you don't want shades that are too pigmented for day time but I would like them to at least show up. I do like the variety of colors though in that you do get a few colors from every part of the color wheel.

The night side is by far my favorite. It is what really makes this palette worth it for me. All of the colors are so smooth and pigmented. As you can see from the swatches they are all very bright and rich colors. I don't think there is one color on this side that I didn't like. Not only that but it has probably the brightest pink I have ever owned and a crazy bright yellow which I have been on the hunt for for some time now. You could do so so many looks with this.

Overall I really like this. I think it is worth the money. The pans are not all that big but you get 60 different colors. I really like the versatility you get with this. It would really be the only palette you would need if you are a beginner or if you are a freelance makeup artist.

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  1. the day-side did not come out very pigmented for me either. I'm not a complete novice, but I haven't owned many palettes either, so how typical these results are is something I'm not sure of. Would you make a tutorial of how to make some day time looks with the day shades you liked?