Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wet N Wild Limited Edition Where's The Party 8 Pan Palettes Review, Swatches, And Comparison!!!

If you have followed my blog before then you know I love Wet N Wild eyeshadows. They are probably the best bargain out there. I own every 8 pan palette that they have released so far. To see the review of the palettes in their core collection click here! So when I found out they were releasing a new set of palettes as part of a limited edition display, I was super excited. I have been on the hunt for them for weeks and I finally found them at Tops the other day. There are three palettes total. One of the palettes is a re release of the I <3 Matte palette that they released last year which you can see a review of in the post linked above. I didn't buy that one but I did buy the other two palettes which are called Shimmer The Night Away and Sparkle Till Morning. They were $4.50. Let's take a look.....
                                        The palette above is called Shimmer The Night Away
                                                                        Left Side
                                        Right Side. The swatches above are on bare skin without primer.
                                        This palette is called Sparkle Till Morning
                                                                 Right side
                                                                     Left Side

I really love these palettes. They are pigmented, the texture is smooth, and they are really good for creating multiple looks. Now here is my problem. Like I said I own pretty much every eyeshadow Wet N Wild has put out within the last couple years and there are dupes in their collection for almost every eyeshadow in these palettes. Meaning I pretty much already own every shade in these already so for me it was kind of a waste. I pretty much bought them for that beautiful turquoise shade. Below I will show you some comparisons so you can decide if you really need or want these.

Let's start with the dupes in the Shimmer The Night Away Palettes. The second shade down on the right is an exact dupe for the eyelid shade in the I'm Feeling Retro Coloricon Trio.

The purple shade is almost an exact dupe for the crease shade in the Dancing In The Clouds Coloricon trio. The only real difference is that the shade in the STNA palette has silver micro glitter whereas the DITC shade is a bit more matte.

The silver shade is the exact same shade as the silver in the Spoiled Brat Coloricon trio and the black matte black with the silver glitter is the shame shade as the black in that same trio.

The blue shade is the same as the Shimmer Coloricon Single in Stage Diver. Stage Diver appears a bit darker in the pan but is almost identical once applied on the skin.

Now let's move on to the dupes in the Sparkle Till Morning Palette.

The browbone shade in the Sparkle Till Morning (STM) is almost an exact dupe for the eyelid shade in Walking On Eggshells Coloricon trio. The WOE shade is a bit warmer and a hint more bronzey but they are close enough that you could substitute one for the other.

The crease shade in Walking On Eggshells is identical to the crease shade in Sparkle Till Morning.

The second color down which is a nice metallic bronze is a dupe for not only one shade I have but two. It is almost identical to the bronze in I'm Getting Sunburned and Dancing In The Clouds.

The matte dark brown with gold micro glitter is almost identical to the crease shade in I'm Getting Sunburned. I think that the one in the STM is a bit more pigmented but that is about it.

As you can see there are a lot of dupes so if you own any of the other palettes than you can do without buying these. If you don't have many of these than they are definitely worth the money. For $4.50 you really are getting your moneys worth.


  1. wow..this is one of the best posts i've seen so far!!! thanks!

  2. Wow!!! Thanks for the post, almost bought that already had shadows!!! ♥

  3. You are very welcome ladies...I am glad you found it's flattering :)