Friday, October 12, 2012

Wet N Wild 8 Pan Eyeshadow Palette Review And Swatches!

I have talked a lot about how much I love Wet N Wild eyeshadows. I think they are hands down some of the best and most affordable eyeshadows on the market. I even like them better than some of my high end eyeshadows. I know I have mentioned them a lot in my posts previously but I figured that they deserved a post and review all on their own. If I have not convinced you of their amazingness yet then by the end of this post I am sure you will be sold. I am only going to review the 8 pan palettes in this post but I own all of the trio's so if you would like me to review those just email me and let me know :)! To see other posts I mention Wet N Wild eyeshadows in click here So off we go...

The first palette is called Petal Pusher. It is a beautiful mixture of purples, cranberry, and pink shades. Purple is probably one of my favorite colors to wear but their are hardly any good affordable purple eyeshadows on the market but this sure is one of them. Both of the purple colors are so pigmented and smooth. The whole palette is very pigmented (with the exception of the left top white shade) and the colors apply smoothly. They are also very long wearing. All of the shades in this palette are shimmer or glitter shades. I really like the second shadow down on the right side. It reminds me a lot of the E.l.f Pressed Mineral Eyeshadow in Wine Tour that I really like. It is a sort of purple brown with gold micro glitter. The dark shades are just so deep and dark, I can't get enough of them.

The next palette is the I<3 Matte palette. As you can guess from the name all of the shades are matte which means they are a flat color with no shimmer. This palette was limited edition last holiday season but Wet N Wild is releasing it this holiday season with a few other limited edition 8 pan palettes which I will be on a wild hunt for! This palette is FRICKING AMAZING!!!!I can honestly say this hands down one of the best little treasures in my whole collection and that's really saying something. As you can tell from the picture these eyeshadows are sooooo pigmented. They are silky smooth and apply evenly. The pictures about are just one swipe of the eyeshadow on skin without primer. I really like that you get both bright colors and natural colors. This is probably one of the brightest blue eyeshadows I have ever seen and I really love the warm brown for blending.
I know you are like "what the heck is this picture?" I wanted to show you how well these stay on. Like I said I swatched this on bare skin without a primer and then scrubbed it with a tissue and even then the colors stayed on pretty well. So you can just imagine how well they last with a primer.

This palette is called Blue Had Me At Hello. Yet again another great palette. I really like all the fine details in this one. Like the dark blue and black both have tiny blue and silver glitter throughout them that really plays well into the theme of this palette. It is just as pigmented and smooth as the other ones.

Last but not least my favorite one out of all of them is called Comfort Zone. It is a great natural palette. It has a beautiful mixture of browns and greens. It is great for this time of year especially. My favorite shade is the bottom right one. It is a great reddish brown with a dark green duo chrome. You can sort of see in the swatch that it is two tone and I LOVE IT.
All of these palettes are definitely worth your money. They are $4.99 each and you can find them at most drugstores and they are also sold at Wal-Mart. Thank you for reading and I hope I have swayed your mind if you have been thinking about buying any of these.

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