Friday, October 19, 2012

October Birchbox Review!

My October Birchbox finally came a couple of days ago. It was later than usual but hey better late than never right? If you don't know what Birchbox is than you can check out this post for a full description and a look at the September Birchbox.

Above is what the Birchbox looked like when you first open it. It comes in a heavy duty little cardboard box and everything is wrapped in tissue paper. This months theme was transformations. The introduction card said that they included samples "to shake up your beauty routine." They also included another card which gave you 5 minute makeover ideas.
The first thing that you got was a Luna Protein Bar. I hate peanut butter so this went to my boyfriend but I get how it fits into the "transformation" theme.
The next product sample you got was called Benta Berry. Thank goodness they list the products on a card because the whole package was in french. I took french in high school but apparently not enough of it :). After some reading I found out that these were moisturizing face creams. The card described them as "light but extremely nourishing. Regulates oil levels and keeps skin matte." I used one of the tubes a couple times this week and it is very nourishing. It applied smoothly without leaving my skin feeling oily and it smelled really good. I already have a facial moisturizer that I love that is significantly cheaper so I probably wouldn't ever buy the full size.
The next thing that you got was a perfume sample. It is a perfume called Hello made by Harvey Prince. This one I may buy full size. I love the smell of this. It is light and sweet and fruity which is right up my alley. I also like that this sample comes with a spray top. I tossed it in my purse for a little touch up. It says that full size is $26-55 which isn't all that bad.
You also got a little lip butter from Mox Botanicals in Pomegranate and Fig. It is a pretty decent size but also great for traveling. I have used this the last couple days and it is awesome. It applies to your lips smoothly and doesn't make them feel heavy or sticky. I also like that is has a nice fruity smell and a sweet taste. It isn't overwhelming or chemically either. It contained avocado oil and Shea butter. It says a full size is $16. I like this product but I don't know if it is worth $16 dollars. I think I will stick with my EOS and Blistex.

Now for the final and most exciting sample in the birch box. If you read my blog regularly than you know I love The Balm. I have yet to try anything from them that I didn't like but one this I have pondered many times over purchasing is their Mary-Lou Manizer (get the word play here :-P). It is a three in one highlighter, shadow, and all over shimmer. Now I am not really one to use shimmer on my face so much but I love shimmery cream shades for my inner corner of my eye and my brow bone. This one is AMAZING! It is the perfect highlight shade for my skin tone. I have used it for the last three days and I have a feeling I will go right through this sample. It is silky smooth and pigmented. A full size of this is $24 but that is something I will spend that type of money for.

So all in all I was pretty pleased with this month's box. I think I got my $10 worth here. I really like that it came with a bunch of products that I can actually use on the go. This is definitely the time of year for lip butter and skin moisturizer. Thank you for reading. As always feel free to email me with feedback or to share what you have been loving lately. Please please please share this with your friends. There are share links on every page so feel free to use them :)!!!

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