Friday, October 5, 2012

NYC Fashion Predator Limited Edition Eye Palette

Another little product that I picked up at Riteaid was the NYC Fashion Predator Limited Edition eye palette in Animal Instinct. Now normally I have had poor luck with NYC eyeshadows. I find them to be very poorly pigmented and chalky. I bought two about a year ago and they SUCKED. I ended up just throwing them out. However, I had heard some good things about the recently released Fashion Predator Collection that was being released so I figured I would try a couple of things out. I bought a beautiful green/gold Nail Color which I am going to feature in the upcoming Manicure Of The Week that is called Python Green. I was very pleasantly surprised this time around. Let's take a look at the palette and then I will give my feedback!

-Great for fall. The colors are perfect for a nice natural makeup look for this time of year. All of the colors are shimmer though so if that is not your cup of tea than this palette is not for you. I like the green the most. I thought it was going to be more of a jungle green but it is actually a blackened green.
-It comes with a primer. The primer is actually pretty nice. It is flesh tone and opaque so it worked well to cover up my discoloring on my eye lids. It also blended really well. At first I thought that the primer felt greasy on my arm but after rubbing it on my lid that feeling went away. I wore my eyeshadow on top of it today and it didn't crease at all.
-It comes with an illuminator. I was also surprised by this part. Oh by the way the illuminator is the white pan on the right side of the palette and the primer is below it. Anyway, it turned out to be a great brow bone highlighter. It is also shimmery so if you like a matte highlight you won't like it. The texture was smooth and it blended out well.
-Pigmented and Smooth. The eyeshadows were way different from the other NYC eyeshadows that I had tried in the past. The swatches are one finger swipe so as you can tell they have great color pay off. The texture is also much less chalky than others. They applied evenly and smooth.
-Great for on the go or travel. I like that this palette has all you need for a nice eye look. From step one to the end you are covered. You could even use the dark green as an eyeliner if you wanted to.
Overall I didn't really find any con's. The actual packaging itself is a little cheap and flimsy but it isn't the worst. I really liked this and I hope that NYC sticks to this format for eyeshadows. If they do I will try a few more. Thank you for reading my loves!!

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