Wednesday, October 17, 2012

L'oreal Limited Edition Infallible Eyeshadows Review And Swatches...Diamond Collection 2012

Yay yay yay...The holiday collections at the drugstore are starting to arrive. I have been waiting for the L'oreal Diamond Collection to come out ever since I heard there were new Infallible eyeshadow shades being released with it. If you have no heard of the L'oreal Infallible eyeshadows than you are missing out BIG TIME! They are probably one of my favorite eyeshadow products ever. I did a full review on the shades I own click here. I only own the shimmery shades of these at the moment but I have recently been getting into using matte eyeshadows so I may purchase a few of those. Though there are plenty reviews out there on their matte shades now. Anyway, I have been waiting for the new shades to pop up somewhere and I finally found them at my local Tops store. They were $7.99 there which is the average price. I would wait till they arrive at Riteaid or Walgreens though because those store usually run buy one get one half off sales.
Above are the two limited editions shades. The shade on the left is Blinged & Brilliant and the shade on the right is Primped & Precious. The swatches were done on bare skin without primer. As you can see from the swatches they are shimmery and almost metallic like most of the Infallible shadows are. Both apply very smoothly but do need to be applied with some work. I review the packaging and suggested ways to use this eyeshadow in the post I linked in the intro. Like I said these shades are very shimmery and frosty so if that is not your cup of tea than you will not enjoy these.
They are a bit close to some other shades in the Infallible line. I did some comparisons because if you already own some of the similar shades than you may want to skip buying these.

 The shade on the left is Amber Rush which is in the Infallible core collection. The middle swatch is Blinged & Brilliant and the right shade is Iced Latte. As you can see there is a difference though it isn't a terribly large one. Amber rush is much more bronze colors whereas Blinged is more of a peachy beige color. Iced Latte( which is also in the core collection) is more of a cream color. In the pan the colors look much more similar than they do on the skin.

The shade on the left is Liquid Diamond and the shade on the right is Primped & Precious. As you can see there is also a bit of a difference with these two as well though it is not all that big of one. Liquid Diamond has more of a purple undertone while Primped has more of a blue undertone. You could definitely substitute one for the other.
Overall I think that they could have done a bit better with the colors they chose. I would have liked to see more holiday colors like a nice cranberry red color or a green sparkle. I do not hate them by any means. I love the infallible eyeshadows so much that I think I will buy whatever shade they come out with. However, I do think that if you own Liquid Diamond you could go without Primped & Precious for sure.


  1. I love those eyeshadows!! Where can I buy the ones from the diamond collection??

    1. I bought mine at Tops but I have been seeing them pop up at riteaid and walgreens.