Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fail Of The Week!

Every now and then I come across things that just plain sick. Things that make me wish that someone had told me how awful they were before I bought them! I spend a lot of time telling you about the products I love so I might as well tell you about the ones that I I will be starting something I like to call fail of the week!

The first award of suckyness goes to:
E.l.f Essentials Foundation Brush

Now I have had some really good luck with plenty of e.l.f brushes in the past so I figured the foundation brush was going to also be great....I thought very wrong! This brush is possibly the worst I have every owned. The texture of it was sort of stiff and plasticy but it was decent. I used it once and it shed a bit which turned me off. The next day I used it again and it COMPLETELY fell apart. I mean it was everywhere. Down my shirt, on my vanity, and stuck to my freshly foundationed face! I had to pick all the bristles off and redo my foundation. I wish I could find a positive here but I can't.

Verdict: Fail!

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