Saturday, October 13, 2012

E.l.f Studio Matte Eyeshadow Review and Swatches!

I haven't gotten a whole lot of new makeup in the past week or so. I have ordered some products online that I am waiting to be delivered so I can review them but I didn't want to go to long without a post. So I thought I would review some things in my collection that are still available in the world of makeup. I know I have been doing a lot of E.l.f reviews lately but there is a method to my madness. E.l.f is probably one of the most affordable makeup brands out there and I have been trying my best to try as many of their products as I can. The way I see it is that if I can discover the products worth buying and the ones that are crap than I will save you the time and money on trying them yourself. With that said today I am going to review the E.l.f Studio Matte Eyeshadow.
Okay there are some things that I love here and some things that are AWFUL....
-packaging. The packaging is really nice. It is sleek and high quality looking. The packaging is very durable and I liked that the lids screwed on tightly so that product doesn't get all over your bag, drawer, or purse.
-Pigmentation(sort of). In the picture of the swatches above the colors from left to right are Brick, Burnt Brown, Pearl, and Mint. Okay as you can see from the picture there are two shining stars here and two that are just horrible to look at. I really like Brick and Pearl. Both of these colors applied really smoothly and are decently pigmented. They come with a little precision brush which actually works really well with these. Pearl can be a great color for highlighting the inner corner or if used with a light hand can be great on the brow bone.
-Texture. The texture of these are actually very nice. They are nicely milled and are smooth and silky feeling. Think of the feeling of baby powder and that is about what you have here.
-Matte. Like the name suggests, these colors are completely matte. That means there is no shimmer to these at all. They are just a flat true color.
-Pigmentation. So the two colors that are just a complete disgrace are Burnt Brown and Mint. These colors have almost no color pay off. I had so swipe them multiple times to even get them to show up on my arm in order to show you guys. Not only that but they applied very spotty and uneven. I only kept them for the sake of doing a review so now I think they will meet their match(the garbage can)
-The top. When you unscrew the top there is a sifter(piece of plastic with tiny holes to limit the amount of product that comes out). I get the point of having it there. Sifters are nice on products that are powders because it limits how much product comes out at once therefore, limiting how much of a mess it makes. However, the holes are so tiny that you can barely get anything at all to come out. I had to take the sifter off to use mine which then makes it a little more of a possible mess.
-The amount of product. I know these are only $3 so you shouldn't expect to get that much but you really don't get a lot at all. The packaging is deceiving in this way. The pan itself is about the size of a cocoa puff...I know weird way to describe it but you get the idea.
Well there you have it. I really suggest the two shades that worked out but I would be weary before ordering any others. These were a definite hit and miss for me but at $3 I guess you can't always win. You can order these online at

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