Saturday, October 13, 2012

E.l.f Mineral Eyeshadow Review and Swatches!

Before we go any further I want to tell you that this post is a must read. If you are looking for something that is worth every penny you spend on it than look no further. As I continue you will see why I love these eyeshadows so much and why I rave about them.

                      The two colors above are Beachy(left) and Outdoorsy(right)
               The colors above are from left for right: Bronzed, Wild, and Golden

The swatches above are done in the same order as the pictures above and are done on bare skin without primer.

-Great for beginners. If you have never used a loose powder eyeshadow or pigment before than this is great to begin with. They are only $3 a piece so you can get away with playing around and wasting it a bit. If you are a beginner you should know that loose powders and pigments apply best with a stiff flat eyeshadow brush and provide the best color pay off when applied wet. Take the cap off of the products and put a little bit of eyeshadow in the cap. Then with either E.l.f Makeup Lock and Set or any sort of eyedrop, wet your brush. Pick up the product with your wet brush and apply to your eye.
-Pigmentation. As you can tell from the pictures, pigmentation is not an issue here. They apply so dark and beautiful. The blue color is to die for but the natural colors also hold their own as well.
-Texture. These are all nicely milled and are not to chunky or glittery. The apply smoothly and evenly.
-Amount of product. You get a lot of product with these. I only had to use a tiny bit for these swatches so one pot will last you quite a while. They are def worth the $3 price tag.
-Available in matte and shimmer shades. Now I only own the shimmer shades because at the time when I purchased these I also ordered the E.l.f Matte Eyeshadow so I didn't think I had to order any matte shades. However, since those were such a fail I might try the matte shades myself. If you like shimmery eyeshadows than these are def up your alley.
-Paraben, Preservative, and Chemical Dye free. So you get all the great parts of this eyeshadow without anything harmful

I really haven't found any cons here yet. There is some fallout with these if you don't wet them but that is to be expected with any sort of powder eyeshadow. I would suggest apply your face products last that way you can clean up any messes without having to start over. I really really suggest trying these out. I use them fairly often and I can't say enough good things about them.

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