Monday, October 1, 2012

E.l.f HD Blush Review and Swatches

Well well well where do we start. I purchased two of the new HD Blushes from E.l.f a couple of weeks ago. I didn't really know what to expect from them but they looked cool and after hearing all the hype about Makeup Forever HD Blush and that these might be a possible dupe I figured why not try them out. They are only $3 a piece as compared to the Makeup Forever version which retails at $26 a piece. I ordered two shades that I thought I would wear the most. Before I go any further with these review I want you to take a look.
 I picked up two of the more natural looking pink shades. I got Headliner(which is on the left in all of the pictures) and Superstar(which is on the right in all of the pictures).

 I wanted to show you how much a little goes a long way. These are smaller than pea sized drops and when blended out produced the picture below.

It comes in a pump style bottle. One pump is going to be WAY too much product so if you do get these be prepared to use a light hand when pumping product out. I do like this though for sanitary purposes. My big gripe with most cream blushes is that you have to either use a little spatula or your fingers which can cause bacteria.

VERDICT:Holy moly...The package says "Rich pigmented color for a soft luscious effect." Well pigmented is right. I was shocked at how pigmented these really were. As you can tell by the pictures above, one little drop is pretty much all you need meaning these tubes will last forever. Now here is my warning: If you do not have a lot of experience with cream blushes than this should not be your first choice. Yes it is beautiful but it also takes a good amount of blending. If applied wrong or not blended well you will look like a clown! That said if you know what your doing then this product is great.

-Very pigmented. A little goes a long way so even though the bottle is fairly small it should last anyone a long time.
-Buildable. You can use a small amount for a nice natural flush or build it up if you are feeling crazy or doing some sort of creative makeup
-Great for makeup artist. The website offers shades that will work for any skin tone. They also have a pump which is more sanitary.
-Long lasting. These blushes lasted all day long. I didn't even notice any fading which is remarkable for a blush.
-Enriched with Vitamin E. So it also helps hydrate the skin.

-They take a little work to blend...other than that I think they are amazing

I totally recommend these to anyone. They are a great product that I can't wait to play around more with. E.l.f really hit the nail on the head with these.

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