Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Coastal Scents Go Palettes Review And Swatches!!

A couple weeks ago Coastal Scents was running a sale on their go palettes. They were like $5 a piece or something around there. I have kind of had my eye on them for a little bit but had never really bought them due to the price so when I saw this sale I bought them all. They are little palettes which contain 12 different eyeshadows. The shades in each palette are based on a different place in the world plus they are smallish so I think that is where they got the "Go" part. Some of these are awesome and some were an entire waste of money. I am going to show you guys each ones and give you my opinion on which ones I would have not have purchased!
This is what the palette looks like. They are roughly about the size of the palm of your hand. The packaging is pretty nice. I like the sleek black case and I also like that it comes with a full size mirror on the inside.

The first palette is called Moscow. This is one that I actually really like. I know it doesn't look all that pigmented in this picture but when I used primer some of the shades really popped. I like the purple a lot. I thought it was going to be a dupe for Urban Decay Flash but it is a little more of a blackened purple. The shades in this palette went on really smooth and weren't chalky. They are all shimmer shades and I found them all to be beautiful. This is one I would recommend. One thing I did notice though was that the pans are smaller than I thought they would be. They are about the size of a dime.

The next palette is called Cairo. It is a more natural neutral palette. This palette was a miss for me. The colors looked promising in the pan but when applied on the skin they came out chalky. They are decently pigmented but very powdery. I think their are much better options out there for the price.

This palette is probably my favorite out of all of the ones that I bought. It is called Sydney. All of the shades are pigmented, bright, shimmer shades which happens to be my weakness. The only color that didn't really pay off for me was the green shade. All of the other ones though I really like.

The next palette is called Beijing. This palette is so/so for me. I have found that with most of my Coastal Scents products any of the medium or light matte shades just don't work. The shimmer shades or the darker matte shades are usually pretty nice. The others were not very pigmented and very chalky.

The next palette is called Paris. This is also another good one. All of these shades were really pigmented and smooth. I love the warm earthy tones which are perfect for fall looks.

This palette is called London. Yet again dark matte shades and shimmer shades payed off. Lighter matte shades fell short. Most of these make it worth it but they aren't all worth it. It wouldn't make my top three but I think it was worth the $5.

This next palette is called Nuuk. It should be called Trash. I'm sorry but I will probably never use this. It is unpigmented and chalky. Every shade looks the same in the palette and most of them(if they show up at all) look the same on the skin too.
So overall I would say most of them are worth it but you can clearly see which ones aren't . Since I am going on vacation this week I am going to put these to use.

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  1. Thank you for posting the swatches! I'm trying to decide which Go Palette to get, and this really helps