Monday, October 8, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month...Show Your Support Through Beauty!

October as most of you know is breast cancer awareness month. It is a time of year to show or love and support for those suffering from and surviving breast cancer. It is also a time to educate ourselves on taking the right steps for feminine health and how to notice early warning signs. Since beauty and cosmetics companies are used majority wise by women a lot of companies this year are aiding in the fight against breast cancer. Many have put out special products for the month of august that promote the signature pink ribbon. There are also many companies that have released special edition products with a portion of the proceeds going to different organizations affiliated with breast cancer research or awareness. I have taken the time to make you guys aware of a bunch of these products. Breast cancer hits close to home for me and I think it is very important to give back what we can as women to women who need help!

- E.l.f or eyeslipsface is giving away 100% of the profit they receive from the sale of their Peony Petal Lotion Wipes. The wipes are $3 a piece and with all of it going to a good cause I would say that is a pretty reasonable purchase. You can purchase these by clicking here!

-Ulta has a multitude of products dedicated to breast cancer awareness month. You can find anything from curling irons to tweezers doting the signature pink ribbon theme. My favorites are the EOS Breast Cancer Awareness Lip and Lotion Value Pack and the Yankee Candle Breast Cancer Awareness Tumbler Candle. To check out all the products available click here! Now Ulta has all sorts of ways that you can donate. You can buy umbrellas, cups, or just donate. To find all the ways to spread the love click here!

-Essie Nail Polish has devoted 31 beautiful shades of pink nail polish to the cause. To check them all out click here!

-Coastal Scents made a special edition palette for this month. The palette has a nice array of pink eyeshadows with a bunch of different finishes ranging from shimmer, matte, and glitter. You get everything from light baby pink to a bright hot pink. They even included a nice charcoal and matte black shade. You get 12 full size eyeshadows plus the palette for $6.99 which is amazing any way you look at it and with a portion of the proceeds going to charity you defiantly can't go wrong.

-Smashbox cosmetics has released a special edition lip stick shade. $5 from each tube sold will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The lipstick itself is a little pricey but the color and texture are phenominal. To see the lipstick or purchase it click here!

-Philosophy released there own limited edition moisturizer set and shampoo that gives 100% of the proceeds to the Women's Cancer Research Fund.  To purchase these items click here!

-SPARITUALS has a line of three specialty pink nail polish shades. Sparituals nail polishes are all vegan so they are free of any harsh chemicals or preservatives. 20% of the sale of these polishes will be donated to Cancer Schmancer an early detection education and cancer advocacy program developed by actress Fran Drescher. To check them out or purchase click here!

-Skinn cosmetics has a Collagen Boost Lipstick and Lipgloss duo. 100% of the proceeds from this will be donated. The duo is $13.50. To purchase click here!

-Dermelect which is an up and coming nail polish brand is offering a limited edition Fuschia nail color to support breast cancer awareness. 30% of the proceeds will go to the charity Cancers and Careers. To purchase click here!

-Clinique has dedicated a couple products to the cause as well. They have a special edition chubby stick lip crayon and a skin moisturizer. Proceeds go to the Cancer Research Foundation. To check the products out click here!

-Avon has it's own Breast Cancer Crusade charity that has been going strong for 20 years so of course they have a multitude of pink ribbon products. You can find beauty products, clothing, and other products. To check out their Pink Ribbon Products click here.

-Iman Cosmetics has a special edition lipstick called Iman Pink. 20% of it's sales go to the Intercultural Cancer Council. You can purchase it by clicking here!

 There are many more companies doing amazing fundraisers just like this. I really hope you guys check some of these out. They are for a good cause. Thanks for reading lovies!

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