Monday, October 1, 2012

Bold Blue Eyes!

Today I was feeling a little spunky so I decided to make my makeup a little more fun and bold.

-Revlon colorstay whipped foundation
-e.l.f pressed powder
-e.l.f HD blush in Headliner
-too faced shadow insurance
-Maybelline color tattoo in too cool and tenacious real
-e.l.f glitter eyeshadow in Beachy Chic
-e.l.f quad in drama
-wet n wild coloricon eyeliner in black
-Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara

1) apply eye primer to your entire eyelid from lash line to brow bone. Also apply primer to your lower lash line.
2) then apply Maybelline color tattoo in too cool to the inside half of your lid and to your brow bone and blend. Also take that shade and apply it to your lower lash line.
3) take your other color tattoo in tenacious teal and apply it to your outer half of your lid. Apply it well since it is bright. Your lid should look like a half moon cookie, half white and half teal.
4) next take your e.l.f quad and apply the light silver color to the inner half where your applied too cool.
5) take your glitter eyeshadow and apply it in the middle of your lid blending it into the silver. Leave the outer third of your lid bare except for the color tattoo.
6) now take the lighter of the black colors in your quad and apply it to the outer V Of your eye blending it into the blue color.take a clean blending brush and blend the edges out to soften them.
7) take that silver color and with a slanted eyeshadow brush apply it to your lower lash line. Then take your matte white and apply it to your brow bone area (the area just under your eyebrow).
8) apply your black eyeliner to your upper lash line and on the water line. Set your eyeliner on your lid with the dark black matte shadow in the quad and an eyeliner brush.
9) apply mascara!
I hope you like it!

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