Friday, October 5, 2012

Black Radiance 8-Pan Eyeshadow Palettes!

So as I was browsing through Riteaid today I discovered the Black Radiance section. Now the Riteaid I normally visit doesn't carry Black Radiance but this one did. This line is geared my for darker skinned and ethnic women but the products are still gorgeous. Most of them I couldn't pull off but I did notice something pretty freaking awesome. So as you guys have probably figured out by now, I love Wet N Wild Eyeshadows. Pretty much any eyeshadow that I have bought from Wet N Wild within the last two years has rocked. However, two of my most favorite palettes ever out of all of the ones I own (high end and drugstore) are the Wet N Wild 8-pan eyeshadow palettes. I included one of them in this post! So I am checking out the Black Radiance section and I notice that they have 8-pan eyeshadow palettes as well. Not only that but the packaging is identical. So I think to myself "They must be made by the same manufacturer." So I take the Black Radiance palettes over to the Wet N Wild Section and sure enough the packaging and labeling and what have you look the same. The way I see it same manufacturer=same quality. So I bought two of them. I did not pick up one of the palettes because it was a bunch of browns that I am sure I own in my collection somewhere. I took the palettes home, opened them up, and compared them...and this is what I got...

                                         Above is the left row of the palette swatched over bare skin
                              Above is the right row of the palette swatched over bare skin
This palette is called Urban Jungle. It is a nice mix of green, brown, and yellow.  Overall this palette is pretty good. I don't really care for the top two browbone shades because the texture was chalky. However, the other colors are pretty awesome. There are a couple nice matte blending shades and well as a really dark shimmery green that I am in love with. The green lighter shades are not as pigmented but they are a really nice texture and buildable. The texture is identical to Wet N Wild shades and the smell is also the same so they are def from the same company.

                                 The image above is the left side of the palette swatched over bare skin
                             The image above is the right side of the palette swatched over bare skin
This palette is called Posh Plums and it's a mixture of purples and pink shades. This one was a little less impressive than the other palette but it still isn't bad. I was mostly drawn in by the bright purple matte shade but as most bright drugstore eyeshadows do it disappointed. It lacked pigmentation and applied uneven. The other colors though are pretty nice. I really like the light lavender shade on the top and the matte black. Overall I would say that I like this palette enough that it is worth the money!

Well for $6.99 a piece they are a great bargain. I found mine at Riteaid which is the only place I have ever seen this cosmetics line.

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