Monday, September 17, 2012

Prime Time!

Here is a quick tid bit for this morning. Last night a friend of mine asked me if I use an eyeshadow and if there was an affordable one I like best? Yes to both of those questions. Primer is an essential in my makeup routine. I do not use face primer but I have to use eyeshadow primer. I work long shifts and if I didn't I would look like the girl from the ring by the time the day was done. If you don't know what an eyeshadow primer is it is a cosmetic that is used to coat the eyelids prior to the application of eyeshadow so that the eyeshadow can be applied in a smooth, even layer and so that the eyeshadow will stay in place on the eyelid.

I have tried my fair share of eyeshadow primers and my favorite by far is the Too Faced Shadow Insurance but that runs you about $20 a tube. There is however, affordable ones that get the job done too and my favorite is the E.l.f Eyeshadow Primer. You can find this at Kmart, Target, or on and the best part is it's only $1.Make sure you get the regular one in the tube like the picture below and not the mineral one because I found that the mineral version does not work as well.
 The tube itself is in the picture above. It has an applicator similar to a sponge tip lipgloss applicator inside to help with application.
 The swatch on the left is on bare skin without primer and the one on the right is over the e.l.f primer. As you can see the swatch on the right appears a little more vibrant since primers tend to moisten the skin and make eyeshadows appear a bit like they would if you had applied them wet.
The picture above is the same swatches but after I rubbed them with my hand (really rubbed). As you can see the swatch over the primer tends to adhere to the skin much more than the one without primer.

That is all for today beauties...thank you for reading.

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