Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Physician's Formula Cashmere Blush and Mineral Glow Pearls Blush Initial Review!

So I decided since Riteaid is so close to my work that I would swing in during break the other night and pick up a few goodies I had my eye on from Physicians Formula. Any physicians face product is 40% off this week so I figured now would be the time. I bought two products which I will give a brief review of below. I have used them for a couple of days now. This is just my initial review but as they say first impressions are everything. If for some reason I change my mind about them I will def keep you notified. Sometimes I try products and at first I absolutely love them and then later on I find flaws that I didn't notice the first couple times around. Kind of like a boyfriend let's get this review rolling.

The first product I purchased was the Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls Blush in Rose Pearl. I have a weakness for cute packaging so this just called my name. So after using it once these are my thoughts:
-The packaging is beautiful
-It is easy to use. You don't have to have a light hand or be experienced.
-Little color pay off. I tried layering it and even used a face luck! I got the pay off of the shimmer but none of the color. The package says a soft wash of color but it is really nonexistent. Looks like I have another highlighter in my collection.
-This blush is super shimmery. If you are looking for a product that gives you glow or highlight with little color payoff then this is it. I wouldn't consider it a blush but more of a highlighter.
-There isn't much product here. It looks like there is but once you lift the blush up to get to the brush you realize that you aren't getting a whole lot.
-Speaking of the brush it isn't great at all. It is coarse and produces a lot of fall out. Imagine dragging a horse hair brush through your makeup.
VERDICT:I would skip this product. It is a nice highlighter but that is not what I bought it for. Do not let the beautiful packaging persuade you. This is a product I wish I could have swatched before I bought it because even at 40% off it still ran me around $8...phewy!

The other product that I got was the Cashmere Wear Ultra-Smoothing Blush in Rose. I have had my eye on this for a while but for some reason never decided to buy it but I decided to pick it up while it was on sale and I think I am going to be very glad that I did.
-Full size mirror and decent brush which makes it great for travel. As you can see the mirror is as bit as the package itself almost and is really good quality. The brush is actually pretty good as well. It is soft and so far hasn't shed. Unlike the other brush in the Glowing Pearls Blush it didn't scrape through the product. This makes it great for travel. I love when products can save me room buy not having to bring an extra mirror or brush along.
-Super pigmented:The color pay off is great. It gives you a great pop of color.
-A silky consistency. This blush is not chalky or too soft. It applies to the skin evenly and doesn't fall all over your face.
-It is suitable for many different skin types. I found this blush to be very buildable so you can either apply it nicely for a soft wash of color on fair skin or apply it a little heavier for a nice flush to darker skin tones.
-The finish is mostly matte. The bright pink part of the blush is completely matte and the light pink ribbon has a light shimmer. So based on what you want you could go either way. I like that they made the bright pink big enough where you could get your brush in there without getting any of the shimmer part. It is like giving you two different finishes of blush in one compact.
-It is long wearing. I only used this one day but it def ran it's course. It lasted all day which can sometimes be a problem with my favorite blushes.
-My only real con with this blush was the outside of the package. It is a velvet material. I get the whole "make it soft like cashmere" thing but this was just poor thinking. Velvet packaging equals a mess. It attracts dirt and lint like a magnet. I found this to be the same with my Naked Palette. Both products are great so I guess I can't complain too much.

Overall it was a hit and a miss but I recommend the Cashmere Blush whole heartedly. :) Thanks for reading lovies!!

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