Sunday, September 30, 2012

Other Notable Deals!

There are some other notable deals going on this week and the drugstores and such. Let's see where to begin....

1)If you did not get a change to take part in any of the Physicians Formula sales that were happening last week then you still have a chance to save some money! At CVS all this week when you spend $10 on Physicians Formula products you get $7 in CVS Extra Bucks. If you don't know what Extra Bucks are they are a lot like Riteaid +UP rewards which I explain here! So for example if you buy any Physicians Formula product over $10 then you can turn around and get another $10 Product for only $3 with you Extra Bucks! You can use Extra Bucks on anything in the store I believe but you may want to ask the cashier just in case. I always use mine or more makeup lol!

2)If you haven't been able to find the L'oreal Project Runway Limited Edition items (eyeshadows reviewed here)  at Riteaid then you may want to check CVS. I spotted the whole collection at mine a couple days ago and L'oreal cosmetics are buy one get one half off at CVS this week. Also if you spend $10 on any L'oreal products you get $3 in Extra Bucks.

3)If you have wanted to pick up any of the Jesse's Girl Eye Dust that I mentioned here this week would be the time to get them. If you spend $15 on any Jesse's Girl cosmetic product or Julie G nail polish you get $10 back in +UP rewards. If you don't know what +UP rewards are then check the post out that is linked in #1. You can only do this twice but it may be a nice time to haul. Spend $30 on Jesse's Girl Products and get $20 for free? I'm in!

4)Wet N Wild Products are buy one get one free at CVS this week. If you have been looking to get any of the Coloricon Blushes reviewed here or here now would be the time to pick them up. You should also pick up the eyeshadow palettes mentioned here for fall. Either way now is the time to pick anything up that you have had your eye on from Wet N Wild because buy one get one sales don't come around often.

5) At Riteaid if you spend $4 on Sinful Nail Color you get $2 in +UP rewards. Sinful Colors polishes are only $1.99 a piece so essentially you buy two and you get one free. I have talked about my love for these before. Check it out here  here and here!

6)Also at Riteaid if you spend $15 on Ecotools brushes you get $5 in +UP rewards. Some of my favorite brushes(talked about here ) are from Ecotools. I might take advantage of this myself and pick up a couple extra brushes to use!

Phew that was some typing....There are always a bunch of other sales and deals at Riteaid, CVS, and Walgreens every week but if I typed them all I would be up all night. You can check out the Riteaid weekly circular and see all of deals by clicking here! You can see the CVS weekly circular by clicking here! I didn't see any notable deals at Walgreens this week so I won't link their circular website but you can always check that out on your own.

*Do not forget that you can also take advantage of the Riteaid Video Values coupons this month. If you visit their Video Values page by clicking here you can get some great coupons. Basically you watch a little advertisement video and you get a coupon to use in store. Check it out. It is a great way to save a couple extra dollars and paired with other sales it can really knock back prices for you!

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