Sunday, September 9, 2012

New e.l.f Glitter Eyeshadows

If you love anything that sparkles like I do then you will probably be a sucker for these eyeshadows. While shopping around online the other night I decided to check out the elf website. I have boughten e.l.f products before at Kmart and Target and their products are usually hit or miss for me. Some products from their collections are staples in my everyday makeup routine while others went straight into the bin. So I normally wouldn't have bought anything online without being able to test it out first. Anyway, they were having a 50%off sale so I figured that would be the perfect time to buy some products without breaking the bank or feeling guilty if I hated them. For those of you who are not familiar with e.l.f or eyeslipsface it is a cosmetic company that is extremely affordable. Most of their products are anywhere from one to three dollars. So therefore I was only paying around $1.50 per product which is down right amazing. As I was shopping around I clicked on the new product page and immediently thought "yay shiny things," when I saw these eyeshadows. So off we go....
I was only able to get four of the shades offered since the others were sold out. Below are the four that I purchased.
 Below from left to right: Cowgirl, Shopaholic
 Nature Girl, Beachy Chic...Nature girl on the website and in my pictures appears to be either a charcoal or black but in person it is more of a really dark green.
 Below: swatched on bare skin without primer
Final Verdict: Well for $2 you can't really complain. The color payoff on these eyeshadows really isn't bad and they are def glitter eyeshadows as the description says. Now hears my grumbles! While the color payoff is nice I feel as if in order to wear these and wear them well they are going to take some work. The texture of the shadows is chalky and powdery. After doing one swatch I had to blow the excess product off of the packaging. I have noticed with some other glitter shadows that I own such as the Revlon Diamond Lust shadows that they are difficult to apply. You are going to need some sort of sticky base(Maybelline Color Tattoo, MAC Paint Pot, or NYX Jumbo Pencils) in order to make the product adhere well and to avoid fallout. Fallout is going to happen with these, that is pretty obvious! So final thought: if you are looking for a cheap and fun way to play around with color or glitter than these could be worth a try. I think with a little effort they could really be a way to spice up your everyday routine! 

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