Sunday, September 9, 2012

My mini Riteaid haul!

So to start off this blogging adventure I suppose I will start of with my latest purchases. I stopped by my local rite aid today (as I do most everyday) just to poke around and see what new products they had and FINALLY they had the new Maybelline Eye Studio limited edition quads. I have been looking for these for weeks so let's just say I was a little bit exited! I only picked two of the quads up due to the fact that the other two seemed to have colors that I already own somewhere in my collection. I picked up Olive Martini and Smokey Cinnamon! The beautiful fall cranberry shade sold me on the Smokey Cinnamon while the duo chrome brown/green shade caught me on the Olive Martini quad! I also bought two Wet n Wild blushes. I have a large Wet n Wild collection and own many of the blushes from the mineral collection but none from the Coloricon option.
                                                     The quad on the top is Smokey Cinnamon                                  
                                                     The quad on the bottom is Olive Martini

                                           On the left:Olive Martini and right: Smokey Cinnamon
                                                  Smokey Cinnamon swatched with no primer
                                                Olive Martini swatched with no primer

My final verdict on these babies-LOVE THEM! They are priced at an amazing $9.49 which for four colors is not awful. These quads are fantastic for the upcoming fall season. The beautiful browns and crandberry colors will be perfect for the upcoming months. I was a tad bit disappointed with the highlight color(biggest pan) in the Smokey Cinnamon quad. The pigmentation just wasn't great. You are pretty much just left with the sparkle. It could be a great shade to layer over the two darker shades in the palette for some shine but I personally wouldn't use such a shimmery highlight for under my brows! However, I love everything about the Olive Martini quad. The middle shade of the smaller pans is absolutley gorgeous with a duo chrome finish. When swatched depending on the way I shifted my arm it appeared either deep dark green or a dark rich brown!
Now for the Wet n Wild Blushes. The two that I purchased were Pearlescent Pink and Berry Shimmer. I have heard many many great things about these shadows and with a selling price of only $2.99 I do not know why I never indulged.
The blush on the left is Berry Shimmer and on the right Pearlescent Pink

                              Swatched on the top:Pearlescent Pink and bottom:Berry Shimmer
Final Verdict: AMAZING! When picking a blush I always tend to chose a shade with shimmer that way if the blush doesnt have the greatest color pay off than at least I have a possible highlight but I can say with these that the color pay off is not even an issue in the slightest. Both shades are very pigmented and will need a light hand when applying. They both contained shimmer however, it was not overwhelming. You could see a slight sheen but it didnt look like I mixed my blush with glitter which some shimmering blushes sometimes due. With as greatly pigmented as these blushes were I can tell that they will last a long time which is fantastic for the price. The texture is nice and smooth as well not overly powdery which you tend to get with some drugstore brand blushes. I would say that if you are just starting to experiment with makeup or perhaps are looking for the perfect drugstore blush to own that Wet n Wild Coloricon blushes are the way to go!

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