Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Maybelline Limited Edition Baby Lips Twin Packs 2012!

So I decided to stop into Walgreens today just to look around which is always a bad idea to begin with :) and I spotted something very exciting! The new limited edition Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm twin packs. For those who don't know what Maybelline Baby Lips(MBL for short) they are a lightly tinted lip balm. The promise says that they have 8hr of hydration. I bought two of these about a year ago. I bought Peach Kiss and Pink Punch and after using them almost everyday and using them until they were gone i fell in love with them. They really do do wonders for your lips as far as moisture goes. They are smooth with a light glossy finish. I love them because they are not waxy, greasy, or sticky and feel like they just melt into your lips. They are tinted but as you'll see in my swatches are not overly colorful. You can either wear them under a lipstick or lipgloss or for a subtle little sheen you can wear them alone. So after building my love affair with these I was excited to find these limited edition shades. They are $7.99 for a two pack which seems steep but they are worth it. I also got them on a buy one get one half off sale. There are three different packs but I only got two however, I will def get the other pack that I left behind. Well now that I blabbed on and on lets get to the nitty gritty!!
So above are what the packages look like. Are the tubes not adorable? If you have read my blog before then you know I am a sucker for color and cuteness and I think these would have caught my attention one way of the other. What I like is that the package clearly states which colors are limited edition. Peach Kiss which is the purple tube is a re release, hence why it isn't labeled limited edition above it.
The first shade is Coral Crush which is the most tinted shade out of the four I bought. It is a light coral color as the name suggests and smells like tangerines. Oh that reminds me I will add that these are scented which may or may not be a good thing for you. The scents are actually really nice and nothing to over powering like some other lip balms. They are not flavored which I also like.
This shade is called Twinkle. It looks like a baby doll pink but comes out as just a clear light gloss. It smells like cotton candy or some type of sugary candy.
The next color is Pink Wink which is a very light pink color when applied to the lips. It would be a great balm to put under a baby pink lip stick. It smells just like strawberry milk.
The last one in the packages I got is Peach Kiss which is already part of the baby lips line but I was so happy it was in with these because like I said I bought it before and used it almost completely up. I am literally using a lip brush to get the rest out :-P. This despite being labeled Peach Kiss smells more to me like grape Bubbalicious gum. It is lightly tinted and comes off as a light shimmery taupe color.

VERDICT: Amazing. I love everything about these. They are so easy to toss is your bag and run out the door. Not only that but they are perfect for these upcoming fall and winter months when our lips are really going to need some TLC.

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