Sunday, September 9, 2012

Limited Edition Maybelline Color Tattoo's

Well as you can see I am a bit of a Maybelline Color Tattoo by Eye Studio lover! I think I have just about every color I have been able to get my hands on(and multiples of some) with the exception of the orange shade. When these first came out I was skeptical but after having months to try the previously released colors I am a die hard fan! They are very pigmented and last forever. I also really like the fact that you can wear them solo or as a base for other eyeshadows. So logically when I found out there were new limited edition shades I began hunting them down. Finally about a week ago my local Riteaid put the display out. I bought one of all four of the new shades which are all great fall colors. They were around $7 a piece  which for the quality is nothing. So let the swatching begin....

So as I said earlier there are four new limited editon shades that have been released in the Maybelline fall 2012 Fashion Week collection. The colors are Gold Shimmer, Mossy Green, Rich Mahogoney, and Barely Beige! Below is a picture of all four. They have the usual glass pot with a black top however, if you are looking for them on the display you will see a white limited edition printing on the protective seal. 

The image below is of Rich Mahogoney (left) and Barely Beige (right).
Below is a swatch of both on bare skin without primer

As you can see both colors are very nicely pigmented. I also liked that both of the shades went on the skin very smoothly. Rich Mahogoney is a deep dark brown but has a cranberry sheen and undertone. It is definitley a color that could be worn alone since it is easily buildable and went on evenly. There was talk of Barely Beige being a dupe for MAC Paint Pot in Painterly but I don't find that to be the case however, if you can't afford products from MAC this is a great alternative. It is as it says a "barely" there color but it is gorgeous none the less. Like the other it went on even, smooth, and shimmery. I think that this would be a great base color for eyeshadows to give them more longevity. I tried to rub the colors off with my fingers after letting them sit for about a minute and they barely moved. It took a makeup removing wipe to get them off which means great things in my book.
Below are the last two colors in the collection which are Mossy Green (left) and Gold Shimmer (right)

Below are the colors swatched on bare skin no primer

These colors in the pot are gorgeous. Yet again they are great colors for fall that I am already sure will be a staple in my makeup bag as the weather cools.The Mossy Green is a nice deep green with almost a subtle gold duo chrome. Gold Shimmer is a nice deep gold color. Now the Mossy Green I may have a love hate relationship with. The color is beautiful but the coverage is ehhh. It took a couple swipes for me to get a good uniform swatch due to the fact that the coverage was kind of blotchy and uneven. I think for a base it would work very well but it would take some work to be worn as a solo eye color. The Gold  Shimmer is much better in the coverage department. I went on smoothly and evenly.
Final Verdict:WORTH IT! If you are looking for a cheap, long wearing, and easy shadow then you have met your match. I can't wait to see what colors they release next !

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