Sunday, September 16, 2012

Haulin'...Forever 21 cosmetics and more!

So today my boyfriend and I decided to go on a little shopping trip so run errands and so I could try and snag some cheap summer clothes for my cruise. Well it wouldn't be a day of shopping if I didn't buy some makeup...what can I say it is my weakness! I figured I would share what I got with you all and do quick first glance reviews.
So the first store that I went to was forever 21. I have been there many times and I always see the makeup bins by the cash registers but I never bought any of the makeup. I always just assumed since the packaging it kind of cheap looking that it was cheap makeup also. However, recently I read a review on another blog and heard it wasn't so bad. I picked up a few things that I thought I would like and use.

The first two things that I got were these eyeshadows above and they may have been my best eyeshadow purchase all day. The packaging on these was really nice and much more sturdy and classy looking than any of the others. These were also the biggest at .10oz for only $1.80! I haven't done more than swatch them but the color payoff is awesome and the texture also is great. They have that wet/creamy yet powdery feeling like the L'oreal Infallibles. I wish the packaging had color names or some sort of number but they don't so you will probably just have to dig like I did.

The next three eyeshadows I am already not a fan of. The packaging is cheap. Also as you can tell above the color payoff is awful. The first top picture of swatches was just on my bare skin but that was so unimpressive that I decided to see how they would do with some primer underneath. As you can see it helped a little bit the color payoff still was not all that great. I may try and play around with these a bit but I think they will find their way to the bin sooner than later. Thank goodness I only paid $1.80 a piece!

The above items I am pretty pleased with. The little eyeshadow compact is not bad. The color payoff on bare skin seems promising and they colors are really well coordinated together. My only nitpick with these is that they stripes of color themselves are small so trying to pick up only one color at a time with my brush could be difficult. As far as the gel eyeliner goes I really like that. The packaging is super cute with a frosty glass type container. The amount of product that you get isn't all that much but then again it was only $1.80 (same with the striped eyeshadow). I like the color of the eyeliner because it is a nice matte black. As far as the staying power I would have to try it out but it stayed on my arm pretty well after rubbing it.

The last item I bought from Forever 21 was a blush which I didn't really like either. Like the other 3 eyeshadows the packaging was cheap. The texture is very chalky and the color payoff is not good. I do not recommend this product either.

The next items I had to go to Riteaid and get immediately because I loved the other products of this kind sooooo much! The new Maybelline Eyestudio Limited Edition quads are amazing and the Wet n Wild Coloricon Blushes are too. To see my review on the other shades of these products click here

Above is another one of the Maybelline Eye Studio Limited Edition quads in Cozy Cashmere($9.99). Which just like the others I LOVE. The colors in this palette are beautiful and great for fall. The furthest little pan in the palette is a matte brown which as you can tell in the pictures isn't so great (most drugstore matte eyeshadows aren't great) but the other colors more than make up for it! The cinnamon matte shade is probably my favorite.

Since I wouldn't be myself if I didn't buy every quad that they had on the display I also picked the other quad in Sea Sprite. Oh by the way these limited edition quads can be found on the Maybelline Fall 2012 Scenes On The Runway display which is at most drugstores and discount stores. Anywho, I love this palette also. Yet again though the matte shade did not really swatch so well. These colors  are beautiful even though they remind me more of colors you would see around spring time rather than a fall collection.

I also picked up the other two shades of the Wet n Wild Coloricon Blushes that I didn't get last time. After using these blushes for the last week I fell in love with them. They are very pigmented and long wearing so of course I had to buy the other two that they had. The shade on the left is Heather Silk and the shade on the right is Mellow Wine. When you are shopping around I know that Heather Silk looks really bright and scary but with the perfect touch and perfect brush it is absolutley gorgeous!

These next two products are a win and an EPIC fail! The product on the right and swatched on the top is the Wet n Wild MegaShield SPF 15 Lip Color in Within These Adobe Walls($1.99) which is awesome. As far as the actual product goes I really like it. PRO:It is very moisturizing, smooth, and has just the right amount of color.CON:The packaging kind of sucks. It seems cheap and the lipstick part wiggles around in the tube. There was an ingredient list attached to the outside of the tube but you couldn't take the cap off without removing it and it left a sticky residue on the outside of the tube. I took some makeup remover and took it off but that is just a pain in the butt.
Now the next product in my opinion is GARBAGE. It is the Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color ($1.99) in 901B. I was not impressed at all PRO:none that I could find. CON: super super dry, felt like I was pulling my lips off trying to put this on, packaging completely fell apart (the tube that the lip color is in completely disconnected from the twisty bottom part when I went to swatch it), and the color had faded in the tube so the top cm of product was a different color than the rest of the product. Big thumbs down from me. I don't know if maybe I just picked one that was sitting there for a while or what. If any of you have tried them let me know if I just got unlucky with this!

The last two things I got were nail polishes because I need more right? haha!! I bought the top one which is Wet n Wild Megalast Nail Color in Root Of All Evil ($1.99) just because it is the prettiest dark blue metallic I have spotted in a drugstore nail polish in a while. I found this at tops on a display called Pick Your Poison. If my boyfriend hadn't told me that I could only pick one than I would have gotten all of them because every color is gorgeous! The other polish I got to match these awesome neon orange tennis shoes that I picked up. I found it at Charlotte Russe but there isn't a color labeled on the bottle. It cost $2.99.
Well that is all for my haul. Let me know if any of you pick up these products as well and share with me how you like them!

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