Monday, September 24, 2012

Favorite Physician's Formula Products!!

Due to the amazing sales on Physician's Formula products this week I decided to go through my stash and find my favorite Physician's Formula products!

My first favorite is the Happy Booster Mood Enhancing Blush in Rosy. I absolutely love this blush. It is smooth and give the perfect amount of glow. I also like the fact that depending on what part of the product you use, you get a completely different color. It is a great blush to have for traveling because you can get a couple different looks out of it.

The next is by far the best product I own from them. It is the Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Cream/Gel Liner in Blue Eyes. I love this product for many reasons: 1)You get three different colors all in really nice convenient packaging. 2)These last forever. After giving them a minute to set you can rub them and they will not go anywhere. Even with  a makeup remover it takes a little effort to get the liner to come off. 3)The black color is quite unique. It is a matte black but it has tiny little blue flecks which when worn give the eyes a nice bright appearance. You can see them a bit in the pictures but it doesn't do them justice. I don't have another black cream liner nor have a found one quite like this one.
The blue as you can see is not the greatest but the other two make it worth it. I have used the blue before as a base or as a pop of color on the lower lash line but as a main eyeliner it isn't the best. It comes off uneven and is not as dark as I would have liked.

The next product is my Shimmer Strips Highlighter and Blush in Rosy Glow (on the left) and Healthy Glow (on the right). The swatches are Rosy Glow on the bottom and Healthy Glow on the top. I love these blushes for the summer because they give that nice healthy glow. They can also be used in the winter on the high cheek bones to add a pretty shimmer for holiday looks. I also like that you can use them as a pink eyeshadow or get different colors based on what park of the product you use. I love products that are multi-purpose. To get the swatches above I just swirled all the colors together!
 The Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Collection in Nude(left) and Smoky(right)

                                                    Above is the Smoky Palette swatches
                                                  Above is the Nudes Palette swatches
Please excuse how the eyeshadows look in the pictures above. I got the Smoky one over a year ago and have gotten quite a bit of use out of them. There are a lot of eye collections from Physician's Formula and I own above 5 others besides these to but I don't love them. A lot of their eye sets are hit and miss for me. You may get 4 or 5 shades that are beautiful but the others are not so great. I wanted to only include the collections that I love from top to bottom and these two are it. The Smoky palette is great for "smokey" looks as it implies. It gives you everything you need to do a brown smokey eye, or a gray/black smokey eye but it also gives you that nice bright blueish purple for a pop of color. The textures are nice and smooth and the shades apply evenly. The Nude palette is just as good. I will tell you though that both of these palettes only offer shimmery finishes so if you are not a fan of that then don't waste your money. Anyway, the Nude collection gives you all the colors for a nice natural look in an easy to carry little compact. Not to mention both of these are packaged so adorably. I love the little gem detail and the lace. I buy a lot of products based on appearance and these succeeded in appearance and functionality.

My last product is the Kohl Kajal Custom Eye Liner in Brown Eyes. Now this set comes with another eyeliner which is black but that one didn't really wow me. I felt like on my eyes it just didn't last. I usually only use pencil or kajal liners on my lower lash line or water line and the black just didn't last long enough and ran all over my face. However, the other two colors are great. The brown is nice and opaque but it isn't too too dark. I love using it for daytime neutral looks when I want a good long lasting brown that isn't too intense. I also love the purple shade especially for this fall time of year for a little bit of color on my lower lash line.

Well I hope if you are heading to take advantage of the sales this week that you try a few of these items. I know there are a couple more things I want to pick up and try out like the Cashmere Blushes and the Organic Wear Mascara. Happy shopping ladies!!!

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