Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Favorite Early Fall Nail Polishes!

            One of the reasons I love changing seasons so much is the change in beauty products. As with decorations in your house there is makeup and nail polish for every season and holiday. I love fall because it gives you a chance to wear dark sultry colors, bright reds, and deep browns! So I thumbed through 200+ nail polish collection and picked out my top ten favorite fall nail polishes! DISCLAIMER: Due to recent stressful events my nails have suffered. I have bit my nails my whole life up until about six months ago when I said I was going to stop and finally did! They were coming along so well too until I bit them all off. Sad sad I know. So now I must start from scratch and regrow them all over. What I'm getting at here is that my nails look tiny and awful and I am well aware of that. So if you plan to comment on this post just to tell me how crappy my manicure is or how my ability to paint my nails sucks then save your breath sister because I am well aware! Also, I only painted them like so for the sake of a swatch and to show you what the colors actually look like.
All of these polishes can be found at drugstores or Walmart and Kmart! The spoiled brand polishes I have only been able to find at CVS and the Maybelline Limited Edition Color Shows I have only been able to find at Riteaid so far.
From left to right: 1.Maybelline Color Show Nail Color in Twighligt Rays ($2.99), 2.Wet n Wild Fast Dry Nail Color in Gray's Anatomy($1.99),3.Sinful Colors Nail Polish in Kissy ($1.99), 4.Maybelline Color Show Limited Edition Nail Color in Boho Gold ($2.99), and 5.Spoiled Nail Polish in The Parking Meteor Has Expired($1.99).
Top Left:Twighlight Rays Top Right: Gray's Anatomy
 Top Left:Kissy Top Center:Boho Gold Top Right:The Parking Meteor Expired
Description of the polishes:
1)Black with gold and green microglitters 2)Grey polish with purple and green duochrome.In the picture it looks purple but appears all different colors as you change lighting or move your hand. 3)Green with teal and blue glitter. 4)Gold with a slight green duo chrome. The green is much more subtle than it is on the bottle. 5)Dark dark green with green/blue microglitters!
From left to right: 1)Spoiled Nail Color in Steel the Show ($1.99),2)Spoiled Nail Color in I'm Ba-Roque ($1.99),3)Rimeel Lasting Finish Pro Nail Color in Burgundy Flirt and 4)Purple Rain both are ($3.99) 5)Wet n Wild Chrome Nail Color in Penny 4 Your Thoughts($3.99)
*The Rimmel Nail Polishes are no longer available but you can find them on ebay or other such websites if you really want them. I will go hunting for some dupes to post for you all. The WnW polish is limited edition so I would snatch it up while you can. I recently displays at Riteaid and CVS so it is still around!
Top Left: Steel the Show Top Right: I'm Ba-Roque
Top Left: Burgundy Flirt Top Center: Purple Rain Top Right: Penny 4 Your Thoughts

So there you have it ladies. My top ten favorite nail polishes for fall. As always if you have an questions or suggestions feel free to email me at Also, feel free to share your favorite fall nail polishes with me!

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