Thursday, September 20, 2012

Coastal Scents Palette

I told you earlier in the week that I would do a review on the Coastal Scents palettes that I own. Well here it is! These palettes are probably my best investment to date and you will see why. Coastal Scents has been talked about multiple times by Youtube guru's so when they were having a big sale I figured I would snag a few. I got four of the six 88 color palettes that they have. As you could guess there is 88 colors in each palette. The actually case itself could be improved upon because it is kind of flimsy plastic but it has a nice mirror.

The palette above is the Metal Mania palette. I did the swatches on bare skin with out primer. This palette is not my favorite one that I own but it isn't bad. Most of the shades are neutral shimmery tones. There are a few matte shadows in there too and those seem to perform better than the shimmery shades.

The next palette is the Warm Palette. I really like this palette because it is a great palette for everyday use. As it says it is 88 warm neutral brown shades. You also get a nice variety of shimmer and matte shades here. If I can't figure out what eyeshadow I want to wear I always tend to pull out this palette.

I also got the 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette. All of the shades in this one are shimmer shades and they range from really bright rainbow shades to browns and greys. As you can see the pigmentation is great in this one. I love using this when I want to add a little pop to my everyday look.
I showed this palette a couple of times earlier in my posts this week. This is the 88 Original Palette. The colors are similar to the Ultra Shimmer Palette but it is a mix of both shimmer and matte. I find that the texture is a little bit chalkier in this palette than the others but the color payoff is still really nice.
These palettes are about $20 a piece on the Coastal Scents website but you can usually catch really good deals on these. I suggest subscribing to the email newsletter to get a heads up on sales. You can also save some money if you get the packages on the palettes! Either way these are well worth the money.

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