Sunday, September 9, 2012

Allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Anastacia! I decided that with all the blogs that I read about the beauty world and with as much time as I devote to hunting and searching and buying cosmetics products that the next step would be to make a blog! I have loved makeup since the day my mother yelled at me for stealing her lipstick and rubbing it all over my face! I pleaded for my first cheap little makeup kit and since that day the monster was born! I love everything about makeup from it's ability to turn the human face into an artist's canvas, the ability to hide one's flaws which we do not particulary like, but most of all the ability to make everyday different, even if it is only with the color of eyeshadow I chose to wear! I will aim to provide those who read this blog with the most information about affordable beauty products as I can! I hope those who decide to read this will be patient for I have little experience but I will try my best and hopefully my readers will grow as I  and this blog grow!

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