Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Affordable Naked Palette Alternative!

Oh the Naked Palette....every makeup lover has heard of it...perhaps you own it...if you love the Naked Palette but don't love the price then I may be able to offer you an easy solution...I now give you the NYX Nude on Nude Palette! Drum roll please..........

I had heard a lot of people saying that this palette was a possible dupe for the naked palette and at only $25 I had to try it. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what the Urban Decay Naked Palette is, it is a neutral eyeshadow palette that offers both shimmer and matte shades to great the best natural "naked" looks. The actual Naked Palette costs fifty dollars so you are getting a pretty comparable product here for half the price which I don't think anyone can be upset about. I purchased mine from (a website that offers limited time flash sales) about a month ago and let me tell you I have definitely fallen in love with it! Now not all the shades are amazing and I will go into that later but the ones that are are what make this palette worth the money! You can buy this palette here or here !
As you can see this palette has 20 shades which include matte and shimmer shades. It gives you a nice variation of warms/cools and lights/darks. Below are some more close up views of the colors and swatches. All of the swatches were done on bare skin without a primer. As I have said before adding a primer or base will give you better color pay off and more depth but I like to swatch on my bare skin so you get an idea of the true color payoff.
Below is section 1!
Below is section 2!
Below is section 3!
So I will be honest and say that the matte shades in this palette are not great. They are chalky, messy, and do not have great color payoff so I was not happy about those. The good news is that only four out of the twenty shades are matte and the colors that are not matte are awesome! The shimmer shades in this palette are def what you are spending your money on. They are smooth and the color pay off is amazing. Like I said before I applied these on my bare skin without primer so you can only imagine what some of these colors look like over primer or a nice neutral eyeshadow base. If you do not like shimmer eyeshadows so much than this is not the palette for you but if you like shimmer eyeshadows and have been looking for a cheap neutral palette than I highly recommend you add this to your shopping cart!
Now not only does this palette offer you some amazing eyeshadows but it also comes with ten lip glosses as well.

As I said the lip colors are glosses and not creme colors so the color payoff isn't that great but as the palette says it's NUDE so therefore it wouldn't make much sense to put a bright red lip color in there.

I'm sorry ladies I know that was a long post but I wanted to make sure you really got an idea of what this palette has to offer you! I think it's amazing and worth the money and maybe this helped convince you that it is too. If you do buy it let me know what you think and share some of your makeup looks that you created with it. As always feel free to email
Until next time lovies!

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