Thursday, May 1, 2014

New Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Compact Hydrating Colour Corrector Broad Spectrum 25 Review and Swatches.

Photo: For those times you want to get out the door FAST. Moisture Surge CC Cream in Liquid and NEW Compact.

Well welcome back my lovely readers. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. How many steps is too many in the morning? Wouldn't you love to combine as many products together as  you could to save time? I know I would. Call me lazy but I just don't want to fuss around to much in the morning. I like to get my skincare routine done and over with asap! Well I think Clinique has been listening to all our morning grumbles as we sit over the bathroom sink because they released a gem of a product. Their new Moisture Surge CC Cream Compact Hydrating Colour Corrector Broad Spectrum 25 is a definite multi-tasker (MSCCC is how we will refere to it from here on out due to the incredibly long name and my tired fingers). You get hydration in an oil free built in formula, SPF 25 with UVA and UVB protection, and you get the benefits of color correcting.

All these concepts really appeal to me and my minimalist morning ways. I am also always a huge fan of any product that gives some sun protection. I have been using their liquid CC Cream for a while now and I am pretty fond of that so I couldn't wait to try this. Let's see whether or not it lived up to my expectations.


As far as packaging goes I think it's pretty good. I like the mirror like casing, it looks very sleek. It is well made and a good sturdy palette for traveling or throwing in your purse. I also love that it has a nice full mirror on the inside so you don't need a separate mirror plus in a pinch the outside of the packaging is also a mirror. :) My only nit picks are minor and probably just due to my slight OCD about pristine looking makeup. Though the mirrored case looks beautiful it is a fingerprint magnet and gets dirty very easily and though it is a good one to toss in your bag it is also easily scratched. I also don't like that there is not a barrier on the inside between the mirror and the product. The cream tends to transfer onto the mirror which means the mirror is often dirty. 

It also comes with a sponge which on the go will work for application but I chose to use a brush or my beauty blender when I use it at home. Again with my germophobe OCD thing! I like using a brush so I can clean them otherwise the product just sits in the sponge which can grow bacteria but it also builds up so your application isn't as smooth. 


The price is $35 for .35 oz which may seem a little steep for the amount of product but a little goes a long way with this. You don't need to use much so this will last me quite a while. I'd say it is equivalent to the pricing of most high end foundations. 

Texture and Application:

It has a very creamy texture which applies nice and smooth. The coverage is a little bit heavier than the liquid CC cream but it is just as comfortable. I found this to much more buildable than your typical CC cream. I was able to sheer it out quite nicely but found that I could build it well in my trouble areas like my red cheeks and around my nose. I found that it applied best with my beauty blender but it applied decently with my foundation brush as well. I also really like the versatility with this product because you can use it in so many ways. You can wear it alone for light coverage and moisture. You can use it to layer with your regular foundation for a more full coverage/flawless wear. In a pinch you could also spot conceal with it since it is very easy to blend. 

Longevity/ Finish:

It has a pretty good wear time. I wore it about 8 hours before I noticed any sort of breakdown. I made sure to wear it in a variety of ways to get a good read on it. I wore it with a moisturizer, with a moisturizer, with a primer, and with a primer and a moisturizer and it seemed to wear about the same with all of the combinations. I did notice around the 7 hour to 8 hour mark that it started to get a little shiny and a little more sheer but it wasn't anything too serious. I just used a little translucent powder when that started to happen. 

The finish is a natural finish so it is a little dewy but not an illuminating foundation by any means. It looks very natural with a skin like look. If you like a really matte finish then this probably won't be your cup of tea though you can always set it with a powder for a more matte finish. It is somewhere in between a sheer to medium coverage. You can apply it sheer or build it up. Below is how it looked on half my face over Benefit's Porefessional Primer. Now the color I picked was Light when I ordered online which I ended up switching out. Light is a little too warm of a tone for me so the color doesn't quite match in the picture. I ended up trading it for Very Light. 

As you can see it is a very nice even and natural coverage. You can also see that it helped to cover up some of the redness and discoloration in my cheeks as well as some blemishes on my chin. 

Final Verdict:

Overall it is a win for me. I think this is a great versatile product. It is a great product to have around for days when you want an easy routine or on those summer days when you want minimal product. The price is decent and it is great for on the go. Especially if you are going to be in the sun...if we ever have any that is. I think it is worth giving a try if you are in the market for a new CC or BB cream type product. You can get Clinique at a lot of major department store like BonTon, Macy's, Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor, Sephora, Ulta, etc and can purchase it on their websites. You can also purchase it on the Clinique website by clicking here

Have you tried it? Like it, love it, or hate it? Let me know... don't forget to subscribe to my blog on Bloglovin to stay on top of my posts. You can also follow me on Instagram    Makemeover_insideandout 

Monday, April 28, 2014

Kissable Luscious Lips with E.l.f Studio Lip Exfoliator Review!

Who doesn't want smooth, luscious, and kissable lips? I think the answer is no one! This  New York winter put a serious beating on my lips. Nothing ruins a good lipstick look like dry chapped lips. I love wearing lipstick but I can't stand when it clings to the dry patches. This little product was literally my lips savior and I don't think I can ever go without it again. 

The website describes the product as such:

Gently exfoliate lips to remove dry, chapped skin with our Lip Exfoliator! A sweet sugar and smoothing sensation, infused with Vitamin E, Shea Butter, Avocado, Grape and Jojoba Oils to nourish and protect. This Lip Exfoliator treats and smoothes lips for a conditioned and revitalized feel.

The exfoliator comes in a tube just like a lipstick. It is a rather neat concept I have to say. Most of the lip scrubs I have seen come in little pots. I like this concept much better. For one it is much more hygenic because you aren't sticking your fingers in the product to get it out. Secondly it is much less messy since there is no rubbing around with your fingers. You simply rub the stick on your lips in a circular motions and then wipe it off with a wet cotton pad. 

There are little granuals throughout the product as you can see in the picture. This is what helps scruff off the dead skin on the lips. The granuals are encased in a deeply moisturizing lip balm. 

This is seriously awesome. After using it my lips always feel so good. They feel nice and smooth and hydrated and I don't have any chapped patches. It is incredibly easy to use and only takes a minute. I also love that it smells like sugar cookies. At only $3 I think this is a def must have for the lipstick lover or anyone who wants a smooth pout. I already have 2 back ups of this product in my vanity at home. You can purchase your at or at Kmart or Target!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

I'm Back....Maybelline Eye Studio Limited Edition Spring Shades and New Shades!

First of all I would like to apologize for being away for so long. I didn't realize how long it really had been since I posted and for that I am sorry. For me life just got to be a little to hectic and busy and I needed to put my blog on the back burner for a while. I got a new job working for a skin care and cosmetics company which was very exciting but also required a lot of my time. That is all in the past though because I am back and ready to get back to the blogging grind. I have so many new products that I am very excited about! I still continued to try a lot of new products and brands even while I was away so I have plenty of things to talk about. So here we go my loves...

If you have been reading my blog for a while then you know that I am a huge fan of the Maybelline Eye Studio eyeshadows. They are one of my favorite eyeshadows from the drugstore and every time they come out with new shades I get all giddy inside and it becomes my mission to find them. They tend to put out a couple limited edition quads for each season. The quads that came out for fall were soooo good! Well I finally found the new limited edition quads for spring at Riteaid last week and picked up a couple of them.

I found them on a display that contained the new MegaPlush Mascara's (which are colored mascaras if you are in to that sort of thing), Lasting Drama EyeStudio Gel Eyeliner, and 3 new limited edition shades of the EyeStudio Quads. I decided to only pick up two of the quads because the third looked a lot like one I already had in my arsenal. I also noticed while I was there that they had come out with a couple new quads in the permanent collection that I didn't have. I picked up one that really caught my eye.

This green is the color I opted out on but it looked gorgeous and I am sure it doesn't disappoint so if you like those colors...go get it!

Top left is Mad For Mauve which is in the permanent line. Top right is Covetable Cobalt and on the bottom is Plum Passion which are both limited edition.

This is Mad About Mauve which is a gorgeous versatile little palette. I love that it is neutral with an edge. Almost all of the Maybelline EyeStudio quads have the same set up where in they have a large highlight shade which tends to be rather shimmery. There are two lid shades in the center and a darker shade at the end for lining and depth.
Here is the quad swatched over a primer. The first shade is a beautiful off white highlight shade. Next there is a warm taupe and a dark olive green which are both great colors for the lid. There is a dark amber brown at the end. All four of these colors applied like a dream. They applied smooth, even, and had great pigmentation. The wear time was awesome too. Even after 8 hours of work they stayed put and kept most of their intensity.  All four shades are rather shimmery though so if you would rather have matte colors then this is probably not the quad for you.

Verdict: A win for this one! I see it being a staple in my makeup case especially when it gets closer to fall.

                                                 Maybelline EyeStudio Quad in Plum Passion

Swatched over primer. This quad caught my eye almost immediately because it possesses almost all of the things I love about eyeshadows....purple and sparkly. It looked like the perfect soft colored palette for spring. First we have a pale pink highlight shade, a light pink with a gold duochrome, a violet with gold glitter, and then a dark purple with gold glitter.

I am still a little bit on the fence about this palette. I mean it is gorgeous. The colors and girly and soft and beautiful but I was hoping it would pack a little more pigmentation. If you want a very soft look then this would probably be great. I on the under hand like a little more color payoff. This palette also applied a little patchy and had some fallout. By the end of the day the glitter from the violet shade was all over the place. I looked like a glittery pixie which could be a good thing but not when you're at work.

Verdict: I probably would have passed on this one if I went back in time but I will find a way to get use out of it. It is workable but you will def need a good primer. I paired it with the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk to give the color a little more umph!

This is my favorite quad out of all the ones that I purchased. It is Covetable Cobalt and it is amazing. Now it is not your everyday natural palette by any means but it is a lot of fun! I love the metallic silver and that pop of blue is awesome. You also get a nice satin white for highlighting and a black with blue sparkle for lining or adding depth.

This palette was a lot of fun to play with but it was also great in quality. The eyeshadows applied smooth and super pigmented. The black is one of the best and most intense blacks that I have ever found in the drugstore. The blue does produce a little bit of fallout so you are going to want lay down a powder underneath your eye when applying it or do your eye makeup first. The metallic sheen that the silver has is beautiful too.

Verdict: A must have for the edgy makeup wearer. This palette could be the ultimate look for a night out and could be used with other palettes so easily. I think it is worth every penny and compares to some of my high end eyeshadows. The silver is a good dupe for Shellshock which is the silver shade in the Urban Decay Vice 2 palette and the blue looks a lot like Madness which is the bright blue in the same palette. If you were looking for a dupe for those shades this is a great way to get a dupe and save some money.

I can't wait to see what the next quads will be. I think Maybelline really does well with these eyeshadows. Do you have any? Have you tried these? If so share your thoughts with me....

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

E.l.f Studio Acne Fighting Foundation...Review and Swatches!

I know what you're thinking "A foundation that fights acne not cause it? That's crazy!" I know, I thought the same thing when I came across this on the E.l.f website. It is always a catch 22 with me and foundation. Now I don't have acne all the time but there are certain foundations out there that make my skin acne prone. I wash my face like I am supposed to and usually remember to take my makeup off at night but I have noticed that prolonged wear of certain foundation reeks havoc on my face. Lately my skin has been worse than ever and is becoming rather irritating so I was excited to see this product. Let's look at the claims....

This lightweight acne fighting foundation works to disguise redness, blemishes and uneven skintone. The flawless coverage foundation formula is infused with acne fighting key ingredients Salicylic Acid, Witch Hazel, Camphor, Tea Tree and soothing Aloe, to help prevent and treat acne blemishes.

A makeup that covers and treats at the same time seemed too good to be true...and it was! Let's take a look at the product. 

The packaging is decent though nothing to spectacular. It has a black plastic cap and translucent bottle. It lists the acne fighting ingredients on the front of the package. You get 1 oz for $6 which isn't too bad. 
It has a squeeze tube type dispencer. You just have to squeeze the body of the product for it too come out. I like these types of bottles. I feel like they are less messy and more sanitary.
The shade that I purchased was Porclaine which was a pretty good match for me especially during the winter. The texture of the foundation is nice. It is creamy and smooth.
Here is a little before and after. The hand on the left is before foundation and the hand on the right is after the foundation. This foundation actually has quite a bit of coverage. I would say it is a full coverage foundation. It applied a lot thicker than I usually like but as you can see it did cover some of my discoloration and veins on my hand. 

Now here is the part where I talk about what I didn't like...At first when I applied it I was really impressed. It covered smoothly and made my face look flawless. It was when I looked in the mirror a couple hours later that my joy faded. It has started to look very patchy and seemed to almost be flaking off by my mouth and the sides of my nose. It also settled into the fine lines around my eyes which mind you are barely there. I thought maybe it wasn't playing well with my primer or moisturizer so over the course of the week I tried different combinations but all had the same result. It is just not a foundation that is meant to last. 

Another note is that I wouldn't recommend this for anyone with dry skin. The salicylic acid dries out the skin which can make already dry skin even worse.

Overall, this was a dud for me. I would say if you are going to purchase an ance fighting foundation spend the extra money and get the Clinique Acne Solutions Foundation. 

Three Words...AMAZING CHEAP BLUSH! Jordana Powder Blush Review and Swatches.

Well hello there lovelies. I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season. My year thus far has been amazing. Busy and a whirlwind but amazing! It is a whopping -2 degree here in New York so I figured it was a wonderful day to stay inside, bundled up, and blog. Today I have a post that I have been pretty excited about. If you have read my blog for a while then you know that I am always on the hunt for good quality affordable makeup products. I consider affordable to be around $10 so these puppies are dirt cheap.

I am a blush junkie, let me tell you. I have a whole drawer full of just blushes. I can hear my boyfriend in the back of my head saying "Don't you already have a color just like that?" everytime that I buy a new one. Of course the makeup enthusiast in my answer "No. This one is a little brighter with a cooler tone." So, for once in my life when a friend of mine told me about these awesome cheap blushes she found I decided to hold off on buying them. I convinced myself that I had better things to spend my money on and kind of forgot about them. Then about a month ago I was strolling through the lack luster cosmetics section of K-Mart when I stumbled upon the Jodana Powder Blushes and at only $2.99 a piece I really couldn't pass them up. I picked up three shades that I knew I would use during the winter months so I could give them a try.

I have had pretty good luck with Jordana over the years and some of my holy grail makeup products come from that brand. The Jordana Fabuliner is by far my favorite felt tip liner pen and I have been using the same one for 6 months and it hasn't dried out yet. I also love their new 12 HR Eyeshadow Pencils and liners (review coming soon) as well as their lip liners.

 Now the packaging is not the greatest. It is kind of cheap plastic but at $3 a piece what can you do.
 Here are the three shades I picked up. From left to right: Coral Sandy Beach, Redwood, and Tawny Beige. I stuck with deeper tones since that is what I usually where in the winter time but there is quite a variety in this line. These are only 3 of around 15 shades.
 Coral Sandy Beach is a gorgeous peachy mauve.
 Redwood is a deep red.
Tawny Beige is a mauve/beige color.

These swatches are done on bare skin without a primer. Two swipes of the color were done for each swatch. They all have a slight satin finish but are almost matte.

I absolutely love these blushes.

Texture- All of the blushes have a nice silky texture and are finely milled. I experienced little fall out with these as well and they didn't create a mess in the pan.

Blendability- I found these to blend really well. I didn't have any issues with them not blending out. They also didn't apply patchy or too overwhelming.

Pigmentation- The color payoff on these are really nice. They are by no means sheer but they also aren't overly pigmented for a blush either. I don't want to not be able to see a blush but I also don't like when they apply like pink paint either. These are the perfect in between. They are build-able so you can achieve the look you want.

Staying Power- These stayed on my cheeks really well. I would apply them in the morning while getting ready for the day and could still see them hours later. Left a nice flush on my cheeks all day long. \

Final Verdict:

They are sooooooo worth the money. I don't think a penny is wasted with these. With such a wide color variety and affordable price I am really surprised that I don't hear more about these.


If you are in the market to purchase some of these blushes now is the time. I usually purchase my Jordana products at K-Mart or Walgreens but I wanted to give you guys an online buying option since I know not all of you have access to those stores. One of my favorite online cosmetics sites carries the brand and when I went over to get the link I saw that all Jordana was on CLEARANCE! Which means these blushes are only $1.50 right now. click here to go get you some. While you are there you should also check out the other products I mentioned above and pick up some of those as well. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Poll...Oh The Weather Outside is Weather.

Well hello there my lovelies. I hope everyone is doing well today. Well jeez am I glad that the holidays are over. Don't get me wrong I love the time with my family and the decorations but I do not enjoy the anxieties and the rushing about so I am always glad to see the holidays come to an end. I was sooo busy during the holidays I barely got time to do anything. I will putting up a bunch of new blog posts this upcoming week since I have been playing with a bunch of new products over the last couple weeks. To tide you ladies over I am doing to do another Monday poll.

  1. What’s one lipstick you never get tired of?
    I was never a real big lip junkie until the last year or so. I was a simple balm and gloss type of girl but I have recently come to appreciate the wonderful world on lipsticks. I really like the NYX Matte Lipsticks, Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks, and I really love the new E.l.f Moisturizing Lipstick. 
  2. A fear you’d like to conquer?
    I would really love to conquer my fear of the ocean. I know it is irrational and completely ridiculous but the ocean freaks me the eff out. I don't like not knowing whats under or around me. 
  3. How often do you curl your lashes?
    Every. Single. Day.
  4. What’s one thing you’ve been putting off doing?
    Getting the brakes done on my car and going to the dentist. 
  5. Best celebrity to be trapped on a desert island with?
    I would love to spend some quality time with Jennifer Lawerence. She seems like someone that would be a lot of fun and also insightful. 
  6. Something beautiful (anything at all)?
    Fresh roses
  7. Would you rather wear a dress or pants?
    I guess it depends on the day. Right now I am in comfort mode so I would say pants. Who doesn't love a cute dress though?
  8. Your favorite comfort food?
    Garlic Mashed Potatoes. I can't get enough of those things. They are my emotional answer to everything. 
  9. What’s a fragrance/scent that reminds you of high school?
    Adidas for women. I loved that growing up. I also really liked Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea body splash. I surprisingly don't like either anymore. Ha my tastes have improves...J'adore is my current fav. 
  10. What’s one thing you did last weekend?
    Worked a lot. Went to the gym. Had dinner with my bf.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Getting Festive!

I know I should be blogging about beauty since I am a little due for that but I am just feeling in the Christmas mood today. While reading another blog this morning (a non beauty blog...woah!) I came along a little set of Christmas questions that I thought were cute. Before I get started with those I will say that I am going to be doing some catch up this week on posts. I have a lot of fun products I have been using lately that I want to share with you. I just started working for Clinique a couple weeks ago so life has been a little hectic lately but I am falling back into the balance.

I got the idea for this post from a lovely blogger called Crafty Healthy Mommy. If you want to check out her post click here!

  1. Favorite Christmas song. Baby It's Cold Outside...though it took me until my 20's to realize that it is a rather provocative song!
  2. Christmas song you can't stand. Little Drummer Boy
  3. Favorite holiday movie. Elf by far. It used to be Home Alone but once Elf came out it was over. I have already watched it 3 times since my bf got me a new copy this week. 
  4. Real or artificial tree? my family always got a real tree growing up but with my little apartment I have been forced to get an artificial one.
  5. White or colored lights? white
  6. All matching ornaments or more random personal ornaments? I like the ones with sentimental value. My mother and grandmother have bought each of us children an ornament every year since we were born with the idea that when we got old enough to have our own tree we would have all these ornaments. They hold a very special place in my heart.
  7. Favorite ornament. I love the little homemade ones that we made as children. My mom still has almost all of them. Besides the weird cookie ones we made that rotted....ew!
  8. Angel or star tree-topper? star
  9. Does Santa wrap presents or leave them unwrapped? It depends on how busy Santa is. Usually they are all wrapped but this year Santa makes no guarantees. 
  10. Favorite childhood memory. Every Christmas when we were little on Christmas eve we got new pajamas. One year I got this pair of beauty and the beast pajamas with a matching set for my doll. I remember being so excited about them. Well wouldn't you know that was the year I got super sick and threw up all over them. 
  11. Coffee, hot chocolate, or eggnog? Eggnog...with hot cocoa or coffee?
  12. Christmas morning at home or do you travel? Now that my bf and I have our own place away from the families we are going to be traveling. 
  13. Traditional holiday meal or something unconventional? Traditional. I love a good roast or ham...and potatoes :0
  14. Personalized photo Christmas cards, store bought cards, e-cards, or "ain't nobody got time for that"?  "ain't nobody got time for that."